Got Questions?

What are Professional Organizers/ Organizing Consultants?

  • Professional Organizers/ Organizing Consultants are coaches, trainers, advisors, and doers. They use and teach organizing principles and systems &/ work side-by-side with clients and in the process of it transfer organizing skills. After the successful completion of any project, clients should feel less stressed/ burdened & greater freedom/ clarity in the space organized

Is Restore Order For Life PLT an event organizing company or cleaning company?

  • Neither. Restore Order For Life PLT is a professional organizing consulting & solutions company

What organizing services/ products do you provide?

  • Please refer to the service/ product offerings page in this website. This page will be updated from time-to-time to reflect the latest service/ product offerings we have for our Clients. Sign-up to be kept informed of our latest service/ product offerings

How do I go about engaging you for your various services/ products?

  • Easy! All you need to do is to fill the contact form & we will get in touch with you

What locations do you cover for your on-site work & speaking engagements?

  • We currently cover Penang Island & Butterworth, Malaysia

What is a typical process for on-site work?

  • It starts with a complimentary phone assessment to determine Organizer-Client alignment by assessing your goals, challenges and the support we can offer you. If there is potential for on-site work, an on-site ‘Initial Consultation’ appointment can be arranged. At this appointment, we will conduct an assessment of your environment to have a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t, with improvement ideas shared. Following which we will have a brief discussion on what the next steps could be & whether both parties are agreeable. After the terms of service are agreed upon & signed, you may proceed to book ‘Hands-on Consultation’ with us & we will work with you during those sessions. At each three-hour block session, while you make the decisions, we’ll be working with you & coaching you to make the process easier. Please note that during an organizing session, a cluttered space usually gets worse before it gets better. As you release unwanted items, we will then organize together what you’d like to keep – in locations which make them accessible, functional & in alignment with your natural workflow. After the completion of the project, you should feel less stressed/ burdened & greater freedom/ clarity in the space organized.

Can I engage you for ‘Organizing Consultation’ service if I just need to discuss some ideas on space planning or process streamlining?

  • After you have completed the ‘Initial Consultation’ appointment, you may book for future ‘Organizing Consultation’ appointment(s) at the same work address

Do you decide for me – what to keep, donate or trash?

  • No, we do not make such decisions. Though we provide coaching, you will ultimately be responsible to decide what you would actually like to keep, donate or trash

How long in advance must I schedule my appointment for available services?

  • All appointments are to be scheduled & paid online at least three workdays (or 72 hours) before the respective appointments

Do you have a cancellation policy?

  • Yes, we do. At least two workdays (or 48 hours) notice is required for rescheduling

Do I have to organize my space to prepare for the 1st ‘Initial Consultation’ appointment?

  • You are advised NOT to organize for the 1st appointment, for a proper assessment to be conducted

How long will it take to organize my space?

  • How long a job will take depends on many variables such as decison-making speed, the size and accessibility of the space to be organized, the level of organization desired, interruptions allowed during the organizing session, among others

Do you provide services for housecleaning, hauling of debris/ donations, caring for baby/ children/ elderly/ pets/ errand running/ Feng Shui/ organizing religious altars & paraphernalia, assembly of furniture, shelving, wardrobe systems, moving heavy furniture, climbing extension ladders, and similar types of activities?

  • No, we do not provide such services. However, if we have the contacts to some of these services, we will be happy to share them with you

Do you handle projects involving chronically disorganized spaces or hoarding situations & disorganization due to physical/ mental health issues?

  • No, we do not currently provide such services, as additional specialized training is needed to handle such special cases appropriately & professionally

Do you have credentials as a Professional Organizing Consultant?

  • I am currently a Professional Member with the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO), USA. I have been trained & earned certificates in various areas in professional organizing (USA) & basic counseling psychology (Singapore). I am also a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) with Project Management Institute (PMI), USA. My many years of experience as HR Senior Six Sigma Black Belt in a multinational corporation, is an added advantage in the areas of process mapping, process improvement & analytics. My previous role as a Senior HR Business Partner is also a plus point in my ability to listen & collaborate well with others towards a common goal

Can I trust Restore Order For Life PLT to maintain confidentiality in handling my personal belongings & household goods during on-site consultation work?

  • We abide by the board of certification for Professional Organizers’ (BCPO) Code of Ethics – a set of principles that governs the professional conduct of professional organizers with clients, colleagues & the community

Will on-site consultation work done with me be shared in your website or any social media sites?

  • We do not share photos/ videos of on-site consultation work done with you, as well as your identity – unless you have given us written permission to do so.

I’m interested in your services/ products. Are they expensive?

  • We have various services/ products for you to choose from. Please indicate your interest through the contact form & we will get in touch with you to explore which service/ product will be suitable for your needs, lifestyle & budget

Through what channels can payment be made for services/ products?

  • Payments for online scheduling of appointments are primarily through PayPal, using credit (Master & Visa) or bank debit cards and PayPal balances. Note: Payment can be made through PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account.
  • For any additional services and/or works carried out, clients may opt to pay by cash or internet banking

Do people actually pay to get themselves organized?

  • Yes, people actually do pay to get themselves organized because they value living and working in an organized, clutter-free and functional environment. They realise that they can’t get there fast enough struggling on their own & recognise that there is help that they can engage to journey with them, speed up the process & cheer them on when the going gets tough

Other Questions?